Integration options

Multiple flexible options for your unique needs

Integration feeds

Multiple options for integrating data imports and exports

JSON API integration


Variant, product, order, stock, pricing and purchase order data synchronization can be fully automated using FutureMargin API.

CSV integration


Product, variant and order data can be uploaded using standard CSV format by uploading text files directly in FutureMargin dashboard, or CSV uploads can be automated using a FTP.

Shopify integration


Integration with Shopify works through a FutureMargin Shopify app and is seamless. Integration requires just several clicks and all periodic data synchronization is handled automatically by FutureMargin.

XML integration

XML feeds

Variant parameters and daily prices can be obtained from your existing XML feeds. Please get in touch with us to see if your XML product data feed can be supported


Examples of data synchronization and integration

Data uploads

Upload data easily

Several data types can be uploaded automatically to FutureMargin. Available data types include products, variants, orders, daily variant prices, stock and purchase orders.

      "orderId": "O1456",
      "time":"2018-07-23 16:50:05", 
      "fulfilled": true,
      "stockQuantity": 3,
      "channel": "COM",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "cogCurrency": "USD"}]
Prediction downloads

Download daily sale forecasts

Demand predictions are computed on the variant level every day. You can download sale forecasts for any number of variants and for multiple forecast periods and integrate the predictions in you internal stock management software.

"requests" : [{
    "vId" : "Sku123",
    "dateFrom" : "2018-8-24",
    "forecastDays" : 14}]

"responses" : [{
    "vId": "Sku123",
    "dateFrom": "2018-8-24",
    "forecastDays": 14,
    "status": 1,
    "predictedSales" : 3.5}]

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