When to order and in what quantities?

Product demand planning software for optimizing supply chain

Demand planning software
Purchase orders

Create and export Purchase Orders

Create, edit and manage Purchase Orders. Easily analyze and control total cost versus individual variant stock coverage for each Purchase order. Active Purchase Order draft is automatically reflected in replenishment tip, so you can quickly see which SKU's should still be added to current Purchase Order.

Edit purchase orders
Multiple replenishment modes

Pick optimal replenishment mode

Select appropriate replenishment mode for each brand, collection or product: Fixed-day coverage or Min-max cover - where a replenishment tip is suggested to cover a larger time window to save number of necessary Purchase Orders.

Automated demand forecasts
Dashboard properties

Make choices based on automated forecasts

Machine learning based predictions are computed daily or on demand using historical store data. You always have up to date sale forecasts ready and you can quickly see, which products and variants are about to run out of stock so you can replenish them on time.

Automated demand forecasts

Optimize inventory and save manual computation time

Improve stock coverage

Improve SKU availability

Set Minimum Stock Level Quantities and easily see, which variants have stock quantities which will likely drop below a threshold soon.

Reduce stock-outs

Avoid over-stocks

Analyze expected stock level in future time window for variants and products and quickly identify over-stocked items. Launch promotions to get rid of unneeded stock.

Browse and filter variant groups

See where action is necessary

Sort variants and products by forecast sales, by expected stock levels in future time periods, by final replenishment tip or by any quantity to easily identify items, which need top attention.

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