FutureMargin for Shopify

Analyze your product conversions and profitability. Automate variant price tests.

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Quick and simple integration

Are my products priced profitably?

Easy to use tool to launch pricing tests and compare conversions and profits

Conversion analytics

More profitable product pricing and better inventory planning

Evaluate profit per visit

Analyze conversions for any time period and spot opportunities to increase sales or achieve better revenues.

Automate price tests

FutureMargin automatically evalates price tests for you. Simply enter your variant price candidates and prices will be tested and evaluated automatically.

View top and low performers

Sort products by top profit or by lowest conversions. Investigate and exploit conversion history to achieve higher profit or sales.

Automated demand forecasts

FutureMargin provides daily sale forecasts based on statistics. You can now save time required for sale forecast computations and plan your inventory fullfillment to avoid stock-outs.

Edit cost of goods

Setup cogs for your products

Upload a simple CSV file with your product cogs, and you can start monitoring precise profit and sale conversions.

Edit cost of goods for Shopify product
Improve pricing strategies

Evaluate your historical conversions

Monitor your profit, sale, revenue per visit and find out if you can increase product prices. Receive actionable tips based on your store stats.

Evaluate pricing strategies
View sale forecasts

Get automatic variant demand predictions

Avoid tedious manual forecast computations. Save time and replenish your inventory using automated daily demand forecasts.

Edit cost of goods for Shopify product

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