Price optimization API

Optimize pricing strategies with data science. Automatically price thousands of SKUs and improve your profits.

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How do I price products to achieve my business goals?

Software solution which provides daily automatic product price recommendations

Price optimization

Customizable strategies, dynamic pricing and split tests

Select pricing strategy

Choose strategy based on your business needs

You can select your unique pricing strategy: increase profit per visit, increase revenue per visit while keeping margin, increase sales but keep profit. Custom strategies are available.

Pricing strategy
Automate your pricing

Use data science to price profitably

Product page visits, sales and margin data are used by machine learning models to model product conversions. Avoid manual guesswork and set your discounts and margins automatically.

Conversion models
Get daily price updates with API

Update your product prices daily

FutureMargin provides daily price recommendations for thousands of SKU's based on your pricing strategy. Download prices for your products daily using our API.

Refresh product prices
Obtain reports

Analyze result metrics

Analyze and measure conversion statistics, sales and profits of your deployed pricing strategies. Receive custom price strategy test reports with conversion summary and comparisons between test/control runs.

Evaluate metrics

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