Which SKU's to replenish, for which locations and when?

Create purchase orders easily

Demand planning software

Replenish inventory quicker and with greater precision

Generate purchase order quickly

Generate purchase orders quicker

With FutureMargin purchase order editing capabilities, you can quickly generate purchase orders for your locations based on actionable stock quantity recommended tips.

Analyze Purchas Order line items

Analyze purchase order line item demand

For each line item, you can visually inspect the historical order data and sale forecasts, add recommended quantity to a purchase order and optionally adjust the line item quantity based on other external events.

Generate optimal purchase orders

Generate optimal purchase orders

For each purchase order, you can analyze the total line item quantity and cost with respect to individual item coverages. For example, you can replenish to cover expected demand for shorter or larger time interval based on your current available budget.

Purchase orders

Create a purchase order easily

Create and edit purchase order line items. Recommended tips computed by using automated daily demand forecasts are automatically added to a purchase order for selected location. You can create a purchase for a single location or for all of your locations with few simple clicks.

Edit purchase orders
Full purchase order management

Track purchase orders

Store and edit purchase orders. All open purchase orders are automatically reflected and included in Expected future stock level and in Replenishment tips for future time intervals.

Automated demand forecasts

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