Sale forecasting

Optimize your supply chain process with automatic demand predictions based on historical data and machine learning.

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Am I ordering right SKU quantities?

Smart planning tool for product demand forecasting and optimizing supply chain

Conversion analytics

Save time

Don't waste time with spreadsheets and calculating sale quantities individually. Make your supply chain management process faster.

Avoid stock outs

Make sure you always have enough stock for popular items by integrating statistical forecasts and avoid losing sales or delayed shipping time.

Simplify your workflow

Integrate FutureMargin demand forecasting API solution with your internal software and always have acurate demand forecast ready where you need it.

Don't miss opportunities

Forecasts are computed daily for thousands of SKU's. Quickly discover SKU's, which need to be replenished to offer short delivery times for your customers.

Optimize stock levels

Make smarter decisions

Optimize your stock levels by including automatic demand forecasts computed daily. Avoid stock outs on popular items and avoid excessive stock on slow moving products.

Optimize supply chain
Optimize inventory planning

Reduce manual computations

FutureMargin uses cutting edge machine learning and your historical store data. Stock quantity estimation is automatically computed daily and you can quickly integrate the forecasts into your purchase order creation process.

Demand forecasting models
Dashboard options

Browse and sort predictions

Organize, view and sort forecasts by custom groupings, by estimated quantites or expected future stock level. Easily browse, view and export replenishment recommendations in an intuitive dashboard interface.

Flexible output
Integration options

Flexible integrations

You can quickly integrate FutureMargin sale predictions to your existing inventory management software using our easy to use JSON API or by using CSV file format. Or, if you are a Shopify store owner, just install our Shopify app with few clicks.

Integration options

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